Well-Crafted Software

We build high quality software, end to end.

Engineering Culture

Feel the mindset shift and be ready for cultural transformation.

Domain Experts

Huge expertise in building payment systems and e-commerce platforms via Agile and Lean principles.

What We Do

Craftbase is a company of motivated, disciplined and passionate software crafters. We have 10+ years expertise in building well-crafted software.
We dream to raise the bar of software development.
We believe in our values and principles so much not only for creating a better technology company, but also for building the right products right to make our customers happier than ever.

Entrepreneurial Resilience

Coaching and mentoring companies to regain cultural and structural capabilities.

As-Is Analysis

End to end analysis from technical, infra, scalability, conversion, people perspectives.

Building Systems

Detecting impediments with the customer and building automated flows and systems to improve continuously.

Team Building

Craftbase spreads its wisdom and hands-on knowledge to build motivated, passionate, disciplined teams.

Product Development

The next big steps towards well-crafted & efficient product delivery via agile development dynamics.

Payment Systems

Building high available, scalable, efficient, optimized, full automated, globalized payment systems.

Product Management

Continuous Delivery flows by establishing Agile & Lean mindset and product management expertise.

Know-How Transfer

Domain expertise, engineering culture, high quality software development.

Talent Hiring

Well defined hiring procedure focusing on A-class developers.

How We Work

We are here to get your idea and implement it with all end-to-end requirements. While we build and deliver your idea as well-crafted software, we boost the culture in your company to establish world class processes and to have both happy customers and employees.

1. You have an idea

You have an idea but you do not have enough time, or skilled team, or expertise. No worries. We get your idea and evolve it till it is something for the customer. We make our steps carefully, follow lean principles.

2. We have the skill and domain expertise

We have a highly skilled team with tons of expertise and inspiring wisdom. We've been creating systems, building automation and programing for years. We could be the only team to give birth to your idea. Who knows...

3. We build products, not projects

We are fully competent to build software products from scratch. We believe the product mindset is the only path to satisfy customers while delivering features one after another.

4. We establish the delivery pipeline

Regardless of the technology we use, we have to establish a delivery pipeline for achieving automatic production deployments tens of times in a day. Frequent releases and continuous delivery pipeline are a must in agile development.

5. We improve your culture, in all aspects

While building the product, we provide mentoring and coaching in Agile development, XP practices, clean code principles, engineering culture. Even we push you to world class limits in hiring and recruitment processes.

6. We inspire you for the future

It doesn't matter how successful you are or your product is, today. You have to be ready for future steps. Craftbase has hands-on experience and wide knowledge about new management and development styles. We inspire you, help you for the future.



We build products with sustainable high quality for real customer needs at payment and fintech domains.

White-label Payment
(CBRT 6493 e-money compliant)


Who We Are

We are software crafters. We've been living our profession for a long time. We believe in ethical development, craftsmanship, professionalism, agile and lean mindset, devops culture and continuous delivery. We gained our skills by working 10+ years with motivation, discipline and passion in scalable and high volume traffic environments.

C-Level Experience

People management, talent hiring, recruitment, team building, effective leadership, entrepreneurship, company building.

Technical Mentor and Leader

Leading software developments teams, forming systems to build A-class engineers, end-to-end software development experience

Extreme Programming Practitioner

Programming in pairs for years, code review, branching models, TDD, automation, SDLC, unit testing, clean code enthusiast.

Domain Expert

Managing product development for years in fintech and e-commerce sectors. Wide experience as product managers and owners.

Agile and Lean Evangelist

Practitioner, consultant, trainer and speaker about Agile and Lean mindset, cultural shift, Scrum framework and XP practices.


Public speakers at regional and international conferences. Participates as speakers at other companies' local meetups.



As crafters, we have a dream. We continuously share our dream, wisdom, experience and knowledge at meetups, conferences, podcasts, webinars, lunch&learn sessions, blog posts and workshops. That's how we reload energy from our profession.



We believe in the power of giving back to the community. During the day we discuss a lot on the topics we value, like how we can rise the bar of our profession. We share our beliefs, values and principles with the community via 5 min videos.


Contact With Us

Sharp Knives

If the knives in the kitchen are sharp, all kinds of food can be done easily with enjoy. We believe the ability to get the things done is crucial to succeed. We have the skills, expertise, experience and passion. So why don't you call and share your idea and passion with us.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: +90 850 255 16 19
Istanbul Office Address: Craftbase Bilişim Teknolojileri A.Ş., Kozyatağı Mah. Gülbahar Sk. Ar Plaza C-Blok No:13/3 İç Kapı No:4 Kadıkoy/İstanbul
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